City of Water Day

A celebration of the NYC waterfront. A free day of entertainment, education and adventure celebrating the potential of the waterfront. This event drives tens of thousands of people to the waters edge, puts people on historic harbor tours, ferry rides, canoes, kayaks, row boats and delivers the magic of the harbor.

Event Strategies

Marketing opportunities, brand development, event property growth and sponsorship activation are just a few topics Ray Fusco Inc. works to develop with Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance(MWA). Acting as a safety and logistics officer and marine consultant are another part of our role here. Ray Fusco Inc. works with MWA to strategize where and how to place assets and devote energy for long term event sustainability. The craft of expansion while staying on message and true to MWA's mission is critical. Providing a brilliant consumer experience and driving ROI for partners is another exciting aspect to this mix.

How we help the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance