Mayor's Cup New York City Kayak Championships

New York City's premier kayak event from 2006 to 2010 which drew racers from 22 countries and 25 states for a full Manhattan Circumnavigation race.

The Race

The Mayor's Cup New York City Kayak Championship is New York City's marathon by water! This 28 mile marathon paddling race around Manhattan Island, is made up of elite paddlers as well as enthusiast paddlers. We welcome all talented paddlers to participate. The Mayor's Cup race draws some of the world's and the region's most accomplished paddlers traveling from 22 countries and 25 states for this epic experience. This New York City paddling tradition started in 1927 and its early roots date back to the 1880's. The course is a full circumnavigation of Manhattan Island starting on the Hudson River. The combination of 28 miles in distance, very unpredictable sea states and extremely busy commercial traffic lends itself to one of the toughest courses in North America.

"I believe everyone who participates in the Mayor's Cup will come away with a sense of awe and respect for the waters of the Hudson, the Harlem and the East River, three unique rivers that surround an island named Manhattan."

Caroline Brosius' 2006 Mayor's Cup Experience