The Safe Harbor (

Your source for boater safety in the NY/NJ Harbor.

The Safe Harbor is a project of the New Jersey Department of Transportation and the I BOAT NJ Program along with the United States Coast Guard Sector NY and New York Harbor Ops Education Subcommittee. The primary audience consists of boaters operating in the NY/NJ Harbor waters. We hope it will serve useful to those who operate in busy multi-use environs.

The Safe Harbor is a multi-chapter safe boating video that contains incredible footage of tankers, passenger ferries, sailboats, kayaks and more. Its first person view point brings you into the pilot house of the tanker or on to the deck of the sailboat and delivers a first person play-by-play action of the busy harbor environment.

Project development and creation with Ray Fusco Inc.

Being connected to marine event world, Ray Fusco Inc. along with several peers developed, found funding and put forth a winning grant proposal to execute this project. The germ of the idea stemmed from a need for more education, better communication and sharing information among port users. Ray Fusco Inc.'s role was to extend the RFI education and communication platform from other successful marine events to be used as the foundation for this project.

What we bring to this project: